Meals and Meal Components

Choose from our range of premium, natural, meal bases and classic meals, or we can develop recipes and preparations to your specifications.

Meals and Meal Components

Our range saves you preparation time so you can scale up or down to meet changing seating and customer demands. Expand or refresh your menu with new or seasonal dishes, with minimum effort.

GreenMount products offer reliable and consistent quality, eliminate waste, and are cost effective – enabling you to manage staff, preparation and budget without compromising on range and quality.

Catering meals and meal components

Our range of traditional, popular meal bases are ready for you to heat and serve. They’re ideal when you need to be highly flexible to meet your customers’ changing demands. Personalise our meal bases to suit your needs, quickly and effortlessly.

Recipes are created by our development chefs and prepared from premium quality ingredients. Exacting process control guarantees authentic chef quality flavours and textures every time.

Serve with carbohydrates, vegetables or salads to create complete meals, or use as a base for tray meals, tray or single serve pies, wraps or take-home meals.

Our range includes:


  • Beef or chicken hot pots and casseroles
  • Mexican beef or vegetarian bean casseroles
  • Beef or vegetarian stroganoffs
  • Slow cooked bean casseroles
  • Sweet and sour chicken

Specialist nutrition meals and meal components

We produce meals, meal bases and sauces designed by our skilled team of food technologists, which deliver on taste while enabling hospitals, aged care and other institutional caterers to portion control onsite and ensure every serve meets prescribed nutritional requirements.

Scale up or down to meet your client numbers and needs, and refresh your menu range easily. Vegetarian dishes are bolstered with extra protein to meet the same dietary requirements as meat-based portions of the same size.

Our Range Includes:

Beef or chicken hot pots and casseroles
Beef or bean casseroles
Beef or vegetarian
Sweet and sour chicken

Packaging options

Available frozen – shelf life two years.

Please contact us about your specific product requirements.

Meals and meal components
1kg food service packs
3 kg food service packs
5kg bulk packs

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